Attrition: The First Act of Penance by SG Night

A spellbinding blend of action, science fiction, and fantasy, author SG Night creates a fascinating world within his debut novel, ‘Attrition: The First Act of Penance.’ The nation of Io has been held captive for over a century by the Demonic Dominion. Humans are kept as prisoners, and the Majiski, a race of battle-mages have almost become extinct due to the evil nature of the demons and their minions. Here enters our hero, Racath Thanjel, who is one of the few remaining Majiski who has been able to survive only by keeping himself hidden away. Throughout this novel, Racath emerges, and strives to defeat the Demons, as he is confronted with shocking secrets and ancient prophecies that aim to push him away from his mission. In the end, he has to decide whether or not he can become the long awaited savior the people of Io have been waiting for, or if he is not strong enough to overcome the evil forces that threaten to conquer all.

The fantasy world that Night creates is not only dark and intriguing, but it is intricate and fully realized in sophisticated ways that flows freely, causing the surprises and turns that occur in the story to come together wonderfully. The cast of characters and species that reside in this world are constructed in a newly imagined way, as Night takes the usual fantasy genre and gives it his own take, offering something unique for the reader to experience. This is by no means a short read, but this young author clearly takes pride in his craft, and no words on the page are wasted. From beginning to end, the narrative follows Racath’s story, which unfolds long after the first battles have ended. Although this is only the first book in a planned series, the deceptions revealed and the traitors to the realm that are uncovered throughout this story’s pages are enough to keep any reader thoroughly enthralled.

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