Aunt Phil’s Trunk Volume One: Bringing Alaska’s History Alive

by Phyllis Downing Carlson and Laurel Downing Bill

Aunt Phil’s Trunk Volume One: Bringing Alaska’s History Alive written by Phyllis Downing Carlson and Laurel Downing Bill is a collection of short stories and photographs compiled together into a five volume book series introducing readers to the life’s research of both authors, including the history of Alaska’s first inhabitants through the Alaskan gold rush. The book tells of the lifestyle, adventures, and habitat of the Alaskan Natives, the Russian fur traders arriving in the 1700s, as well as the late 1800s civilization when Alaska became a part of the United States of America. Phyllis Downing Carlson spent her entire life collecting stories and photographs of Alaska and it’s people throughout the years. Phyllis, or Aunt Phil as she is referred to, was a teacher in the 1930s for many years in a few different areas of Alaska. Thus, she began gaining the respect and friendship from native tribe chiefs and was able to obtain many stories and facts to help her research immensely. As Phyllis’ research ended, Laurel Downing Bill picked up where ‘Aunt Phil’ left off and continued gathering information, researching, and interviewing, to create this book’s collection of facts and stories.  Come read and be intrigued by a fascinating timeline of events and by the people who shaped present day Alaska.

Combined with her Aunt Phil’s hard work and research, Laurel Downing Bill has created an intriguing series of historical facts and stories of Alaska’s native people, land, past events, and occurrences. The book is written much like a textbook with all the facts, only in a more conversational and inviting way. The pictures inserted with the text allow a reader to envision exactly what the authors speak of in the context. The layout, story, plot, and text were all displayed accurately and logically. The book is very insightful, educational, and an enjoyable read. Aunt Phil’s trunk is suited for readers who love history, Alaska, Native American/Eskimo heritage, and American history.

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