Awakening by Andi O’Connor

In the second installment of the Dragonrath Chronicles, Darrak finds himself thrust unwittingly into a conflict older than the most ancient memories of Earth, as he leaves his home behind in order to save it from utter destruction. Surrounded by his closest companions, he endeavors to become the kind of leader and Chosen One he believes he needs to be.  His journey is fraught with danger, magic, and betrayal. Along the way his friendships and budding romances are tested and brought to the brink of breaking.  In the midst of a particularly astonishing betrayal, Darrak and his remaining companions discover that the powers they are fighting against are even greater and more powerful than they could ever have imagined. Darrak also discovers that Mionee is not in fact behind the new evil now growing in Dragonrath. An older and wiser companion emerges bringing to light the egregious actions of past kings. This new element may just turn the tide in their favor. This time Darrak has the power to finish what he started.

Andi O’Connor has created a beautiful world full of magic, friendship, and of course the most evil of villains. The blend of fantasy, adventure, and romance is immensely refreshing without being overdone.  O’Connor’s writing immediately draws you and makes you want to keep reading. Throughout the book the characters are able to express the inner workings of human nature and man’s ability to have empathy, change their hearts, and restore faith in one another.  The strong female cast is a boon to the story line and adds a wonderful depth. The book is mostly well written and a fun read.