B.S., Incorporated by Jennifer Rock and Michael Voss


bsWill Evans’ elation in working directly as a speechwriter for the CEOs of Business Solutions, Incorporated (BSI) deflates when he is charged with heading up a communication team to launch BSI’s nebulous business strategy called “Optelligence” under the supervision of a marketing agent from Synerpoint, “the evil empire of business consulting.” Adding insult to injury, the longtime employee and communications extraordinaire of the Minneapolis copier and office supply distributor has to deal with team member newbie Anna Reed. Anna’s aplomb as well as fierce competitive demeanor poses a threat to Will’s struggling self-esteem. But when Will learns that the intention of game changing strategy is to split the company up, he has no choice but to work with Anna to save the company and its original vision.

Rock and Voss have produced a clever corporate storyline in their debut novel. Dedicated to the “overworked,” “underappreciated,” and “dedicated employees who arrive early to turn on the lights and who drive the last car out of the lot at night,” the duo’s plot zeroes in on two dedicated underdogs—Will and Anna—caught in the throes of corporate greed. Rock and Voss utilize various literary elements to keep their narrative fresh and fluid. Amid the chaotic company environs, Rock and Voss surround their dynamic characters with a well-defined and colorful cast of white- and blue-collar workers. Top on that list of characters is Bennie with her continual string of ribald language set to a Boston lilt. Rock and Voss balance their cynical and comical writing style with engaging dialogue; alternating character scenes punctuated with fictional business news, Wall Street articles, and company email memos; romantic interests; and a flurry of unexpected moments. A fun read that definitely has wide audience appeal!

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