#BabyLove: My Social Life by Corine Dehghanpisheh


#BabyLove: My Social Life by Corine Dehghanpisheh is an original and adorable children’s book that follows a young baby boy throughout the day as his family chronicles his every move. The baby boy, who remains unnamed throughout the story, discusses how his parents constantly take pictures and videos of him on their devices, so that they can post, tag, and share to their social media profiles. They also text pictures of him to their family and friends, basically sharing him digitally in whatever way they can. While at times the baby doesn’t seem to mind all of the attention, after a while the constant capturing of his life starts to take a toll. And while everyone who sees the pictures and videos, wherever they are posted, seems to truly love them, the baby points out that he will really have no way to know about everyone else’s reactions, as he can’t read. By the end of the day, the baby is exhausted, and ready to simply relax with his parents without having to worry about being recorded.

This is a perfect children’s book for today’s day and age, when at times it feels as if people are having babies simply so they can share pictures of them on their Facebook and Instagram pages. While it’s normal to want to share your baby with the world, this book goes to show that sometimes oversharing can detract from just simply enjoying the time you spend with your child. The illustrations and witty dialogue fit well together, creating a narrative that easily flows and entertains. While some of the content may go over the heads of young children, this book is sure to delight all of the parents who are fortunate enough to read it.

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