Barefoot Texas Tomboy: A Restored Life by Joyce McCain Hartman


texasBarefoot Texas Tomboy: A Restored Life by Joyce McCain Hartman chronicles the life and times of the author, starting in the 1930’s and stretching well into the turbulent 1960’s. Having been born in 1931, Joyce knew nothing but the thick of the Great Depression for the first and most formative years of her life, but though times were tough, she admits that she never wanted for food or shelter. In that way, she was blessed to have grown up on a farm, even though it meant she had to start pitching in as early as five years old. Another blessing she relished before it was taken from her was the undeniably close proximity of her extended family. But, as she grew older, those ties would be undone by distance—on the cusp of the Second World War, Joyce and her immediate family uprooted to Camp Creek, a town 150 miles from their closest relative. As the war amped up abroad, so did the warring factions within her nuclear family. These experiences indelibly informed her views on romantic love and marriage as a whole and would come up later in her life, when she was faced with reconciling an unplanned pregnancy with a burgeoning relationship—and then again when she had to make the difficult decision to walk away from a toxic situation. It was in God, though, that she found her true strength through it all. Her fortitude to forge onward was ever deepened by her faith, and it was that comfort that allowed her to endure any end and to take on every new beginning.

This touching memoir is both spiritually uplifting and personally empowering. Barefoot Texas Tomboy: A Restored Life offers a unique glimpse into a life lived fearlessly by a woman who defied odds and overcame ostensibly insurmountable obstacles with grace and gumption in equal measure. In her memoir, Joyce brilliantly breaks her life down into simple vignettes: each chapter focuses on a meaningful relationship in isolation or a groundbreaking moment in time, from her deferential interconnectivity with her father to her lifelong love affair with cats to her impactful work with the VA hospital. If you’re in the mood for a poignant and inspiring tale about the resilience of the human spirit, then look no further than this heartwarming book. Though it is arguably a very quick read at less than 200 pages, each page will transport you to an entirely other time and place, leaving you feeling as though you yourself have lived another life in a short span. A distinctly Christian memoir, Barefoot Texas Tomboy: A Restored Life is a beautiful testament to the power of faith.