Becoming Famous by Natalie Scott


Natalie Scott’s fast-paced Becoming Famous takes the reader into the whirlwind life of Bebe Barkely. Bebe is a former championship horseback rider, down on her luck in New York City, estranged from her family and recovering from the loss of her horse and the love of her life. Bebe doesn’t stay down for long, and with the help of immensely talented hairdresser Antonio, soon creates a new life with the intense but talented painter Blue, whose predilection for collecting strays leads Bebe to a life-changing friendship with Kelsey, an Australian transplant and wannabe actor. Bebe regains her confidence thanks to boxing lessons with the gruff, but kind Roccho. Soon, Bebe is making a life for herself in New York. A tragedy leads Bebe to Los Angeles where she connects with Shorty Wiseman, a cynical but well-connected talent agent. Bebe quickly finds acting work and re-ignites her love life with Dan, a director with a quick temper, who is a perfect fit for the fiery, fun, and fearless Bebe. Just as everything seems to be working out for Bebe, a senseless act of violence derails both her life and her ambitions. Bebe tries to outrun her problems by ditching everything and running off to Bali, but soon learns that she has just taken her problems with her. Upon her return, Bebe’s professional life takes off, though her personal life is in ruins. Bebe comes dangerously close to losing everything and readers will not want to put this book down, until they know exactly how Bebe becomes famous.

Bebe Barkley is an engaging character, and the reader is quickly drawn into her world. Scott’s witty, rapid dialogue mimics the speed with which Bebe’s life changes. However, this fast pace sometimes causes problems. For example, some of the characters and plot lines could use more development and there are places in the story where the timing is unclear. Despite these few drawbacks, Bebe’s adventures will only leave the reader wanting more.

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