Behind Closed Doors by Francis Anthony Quinn

closedBehind Closed Doors follows the lives of a group of young people in the San Francisco Bay Area. Set against a backdrop of today’s turbulent conflicts over celibacy, challenges to authority, sexual revolution and Church politics, this is a fascinating account of the failures and triumphs of three men and one woman, beginning with their high school seminary days. Ladd Franklin struggles with his celibacy vows before and after becoming a priest. His subsequent assignment in the International Relief Services brings him into critical encounters on several continents. Eventually he comes face to face with Soviet Union officials and is present in St. Peter’s Square at the time of the assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II. David Carmichael is ambitious, looking forward to advancing his career and approaches his ministry with the future in mind. David is continually opposed by members of GOD (Guardians of Doctrine). Tyler Stone is sensitive, caring, and finds the demands of celibacy particularly burdensome. In the course of his priesthood, Tyler is accused of sexual molestation and is subsequently brought to trial.

Written in an engaging voice, Quinn draws you into each character and keeps you there. Getting to know each of the individuals enraptured within the story and read about how they deal with their respective life trials is an interesting journey through the evolution in the Catholic Church. Told in a creative memoir form this fictional-autobiography gives the impression that each character is independent, yet connected in a deep way. Witnessing their growth, triumphs, failures, and sacrifices gives each character the authenticity that so many writers never achieve. Your heart will break with each tragedy and rejoice in every success.

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