Beneath the Surface by Mike Martin

Beneath the Surface, by Mike Martin, is a murder mystery novel set in Newfoundland, Canada. The action starts, on the first page, with the murder of Amy Parsons who won a rowing championship a month prior to her death. The protagonist Windflower is responsible for handling the murder case. An unexpected visit from his Uncle Frank frustrates Windflower to the point, where the uncle feels unwelcome and leaves. Shortly after, Windflower learns that the sex trafficking rate is increasing and that his uncle has been hospitalized after being mugged. As the mystery unfolds, $5,000 cash was found in Amy’s luxury suite and she had another $17,000 in her bank account leading readers to believe she was involved in sex trafficking. Her roommate, Mercedes Dowson, went missing. However, they later found her dead body in a forest. The story is packed with subplots and suspense to keep readers on their toes.

While I commend Mike Martin for tackling some serious Canadian topics, such as sex trafficking, sexual harassment, and life for aboriginal Canadians, at times the story has holes that are hard to ignore.  The use of dialogue exposition was also sometimes excessive, as it over explained to the reader who was talking, when it was usually rather obvious. Nevertheless, the plot for this mystery novel starts out with a bang, as a terrible murder is described on the first page. Martin delves right into the action, causing suspense and intrigue from the very beginning. He goes right into it, causing the reader to wonder what happened before the scene we read, to lead to the death of the unfortunate murder victim.

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