Beyond Scriptures: Consider the Facts by Pompeii Lee


The Bible may be a common starting point in learning about the Christian faith, but how do you apply the lessons beyond what’s written? Pompeii Lee’s Beyond Scriptures: Consider the Facts provides an easy-to-read guide that takes the reader along a path of spiritual contemplation. Unlike a church sermon, the text is split across both traditional and nontraditional ways of thinking. Breaking it down into a simple format that uses a plainspoken tone has its benefits. By raising questions and giving key topics another look, Lee’s reflections find new answers to old moral dilemmas from Christ’s time. Beyond Scriptures achieves this analysis through examples such as the tests Jesus passes, the symbolism of the planets, and the comparison of faith to other major religions. All, Lee argues, can find strength through a Christian lifestyle of faith.

Beyond Scriptures is very much a life advice book aimed to bridge philosophical questions and practical counsel. Beginner friendly, Lee is considerate towards the nonbeliever as he begins with Christ’s own journey at the end of his time on Earth. The story is easily one of the most well-known, but phrasing it in an accessible way allows the reader to follow the thread of thought. Continuing forward, Lee produces similar bite-sized thoughts. Limiting the depth allows the text to reach a wide scope of topics that do not feel disconnected despite the gaps. Yet, this limitation may serve as its weakness as well. For instance, Lee provides an overview of various religions in comparison to Christianity. The brevity of the section results in a lack of secondary opinions. In that same vein, the final paragraphs feel underdeveloped and overall, deprives the text of a cohesive conclusion. Readers will find the strength of Lee’s words in the heart of the text, where each call of action details how faith can directly change your life. Beyond Scriptures best serves as a companion to embracing faith into daily life.