Beyond the Attic Door by Tracy Del Campo

four stars

Beyond the Attic Door is an exciting short novel for younger readers that tells a tale which is reminiscent of traveling through the magical wardrobe to Narnia. At the same time, this story is very different from anything C.S. Lewis ever wrote, although there are similar religious tones present in both narratives. Author Tracy Del Campo’s story follows eleven year old Lulu and her seven year old brother Buddy on their adventure through a mysterious attic workshop door they discover while visiting their grandmother in the Missouri countryside. The door leads them through a portal that causes them to travel through time, which in turn teaches them about the meaning of faith. Throughout the story ideas of evolution versus creation are discussed, and the reader is taught about many facets of Christian ideology. Coming in at under a hundred pages, the novel is fast paced, and readers will find themselves turning the pages rather quickly as they follow along with Lulu and Buddy through their time-bending escapade.

Written in a way so that the story is easily accessible for readers of all ages, Beyond the Attic Door contains a great deal of content even though its length is on the shorter side. With an engaging story that also includes ideas about religion and faith, Tracy Del Campo has created a narrative that is sure to make readers think. The setting in 1925 is richly described, and the change caused by the attic door which sends our main characters on a journey through time is also written in a lush manner, which will pull readers into the story, and keep them until the final page.

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