Beyond the Tiger Mom by Maya Thiagarajan

Beyond the Tiger Mom: East-West Parenting for the Global Age by Maya Thiagarajan

four stars

tigerIf you’ve ever wondered, in earnest, “Why are all the Asian kids on the math team?” or “Is rote memorization an effective teaching technique?” then Beyond the Tiger Mom: East-West Parenting for the Global Age by Maya Thiagarajan is for you. This modern parenting book, written more like an intimate story of a life’s journey, offers insightful advice for rearing respectful, well-rounded children and provides explicit answers to the two questions posed above (as well as several others in the same vein). The author starts out Beyond the Tiger Mom with the story of how she came to be a teacher in Singapore, surrounded by obedient students and parents whose sole concern was not their children’s independence but their adherence to a certain set of standards. These standards inspired the author to examine her own parenting techniques, which she’s classified as “American parenting” and which heavily emphasize the fostering of independence and creativity. She never denigrates these traits, but she does posit that the key to successful parenting is to strike a balance between Eastern traditions and Western ideals.

As far as non-fiction parenting books go, this is one of the most highly addictive and well-written works around. Thiagarajan draws the reader in with her wit, humor, and authenticity. Each page feels epistolary: as though she were writing to you and only you. Not only is there an ease and a comfort to her writing, but there’s also a depth that comes from the thoroughness of her research into the topics she discusses. You would be hard-pressed to find a parenting book that better covers the answers to the burning questions associated with modern, global parenting.

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