Big Flies by Keith Hirshland


bigAfter Chester Daniel David, highly celebrated travel writer and hospitality critic, dies in an automobile accident, his son, Leland, is the heir to his prosperous estate. Among the late writer’s possessions are stacks of magazines hidden in an attic that suggest that his stories about his world travels were less than authentic. As Leland grew up, it seemed as if his father was never home. Leland begins to recognize that his father was not the man he thought he was and admits to himself he always felt like something was missing. Through his discoveries, Leland finds his father wasn’t merely missing a piece of himself, he was expertly hiding his true self. In a witty mystery that simultaneously follows the lives of the father and son, clues that Chester leaves behind point to notorious unsolved crimes committed within a fifteen-year span. As Leland unlocks the mysteries surrounding his father’s true life, he finds himself with even more unfathomable questions that he never anticipated asking about his family—and himself.

Told with humor through vibrant characters, Big Flies, draws you into the mischief and budding excitement of two young men discovering hidden taboo skills like mind control and cracking safes. Based in the beautiful and serene landscape of the Sierra Nevada, Hirshland brings the tale of two talented young men full circle. Each chapter brings an alternating point of view that can be jarring at times and make you wonder where you are in the story. Used as a storytelling mechanism, the frequent time jumps give the reader glimpses of what Leland will soon discover about his father, what he has already discovered about himself, and what is yet to come. With each page, the secret life of Chester Daniel David comes to light and we begin to get a glimpse of the man he really was and the man Leland hoped he had been. Big Flies offers readers a thrilling ride to self-discovery and a chance to solve a few of the biggest mysteries of the last century.

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