Billy Bear Cub by Chad Leisse


billyA children’s picture book about using your manners whenever possible, Billy Bear Cub: The Well Mannered Cub tells the story of a young cub named Billy and how his mother teaches him to be on his best behavior. Billy’s mother explains to him that being well mannered is very important, not only for the time being, but so that Billy grows to be a strong adult bear that is courteous and respected by all. To make things interesting, Billy’s mother makes a game out of the exercise in being well mannered, offering to give him a gold star every time he does something that shows how well behaved he is. Billy’s mother tells him to not let others get him down, saying it’s best to be bright and positive in his attitude whenever possible. The story takes Billy through a typical day and explains all of the ways he can show his mother his best, well mannered behavior. From getting ready in the morning, to going grocery shopping with his mother, to playing outside and following the rules that the family has established for him, this little bear cub shows kids how to behave every day. The story ends with Billy getting sleepy and heading upstairs for bed, ready to get some rest so he can have another well mannered day ahead.

The morals and lessons offered in Billy Bear Cub: The Well Mannered Cub are important ones, and Leisse does a good job of making the story fun. Since he chooses to make Billy a little bear cub instead of a little boy, children who love animals are sure to enjoy the character. The rhymes offered throughout also make the narrative memorable, as it begs to be read out loud. While the illustrations are bright and colorful and do a good job of highlighting the text alongside them, they are a little bit rough around the edges at times, and could use further polishing. There are also a few instances where the word choices and phrases are a bit awkward, which may cause young readers to stumble. Nevertheless, this a cute and creative story that will both entertain and inform young children to be on their best behavior.

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