Birdy Bird by Ginny Boyd

four stars

Birdy Bird is a children’s story written by Ginny Boyd and illustrated by Brian D. Lightfoot that tells the story of a young bird who falls from his nest while waiting for his mother and father to return back home with some food. Shortly after his fall, Birdy Bird is rescued by two strange looking birds, who he refers to as Grandma and Grandpa. It isn’t long before Birdy Bird realizes that Grandma and Grandpa actually aren’t birds at all, but people who are going to take care of him. Birdy Bird enjoys his time with the humans as they watch over him and help him grow by feeding him delicious scrambled eggs and apricots. When Birdy Bird is big enough, Grandma and Grandpa decide to let him venture outside to see if he’d like to test out his wings. At first Birdy Bird is confused, and thinks Grandma and Grandpa are going to fly with him too, but it’s not long before he concludes that he is the only one who is capable of soaring into the sky.

This is an endearing story about the kind of situation all of us have heard about: a little bird falls from his nest, people come across him, take him in, nurse him back to health, and then are sad when the day comes when they have to see him go. The tone of the narrative is fun and playful and will be sure to entertain children. The black and white illustrations add a classic touch to the story itself. Since this is a little on the long side for a picture book, it would be best for middle grade readers, or read by parents to younger children right before bed time.

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