Bits n’ Pieces: Musing of an Oklahoma Girl by Freda Lattimore

Bits n’ Pieces: Musings of an Oklahoma Girl by Freda Lattimore

Bits n’ Pieces: Musings of an Oklahoma Girl by Freda Lattimore is an honest and heart-warming story about the twists and turns and ups and downs that one country girl’s life takes her on. Charletta Chastain prefers to be called Charlie and isn’t necessarily your average Oklahoma country-girl. While Charlie does ride horses, enjoy the outdoors, and spend a good amount of time with her mom, she also has a painful and sometimes mysterious past. Even though Charlie’s father died many years ago, when she was in the sixth grade, Charlie continues to emotionally deal with his death and consider how it has shaped the person that she has become. As Charlie’s relationships with her family and her friends deepen and she begins to consider what it would mean for her to have a steady boyfriend, she realizes that she doesn’t necessarily need to be completely controlled by the events of her past and upbringing, and that she has a future full of varied opportunities.

Bits n’ Pieces is an engaging and fun read that also carefully touches on sensitive topics. These topics are important for young adults to consider because death, drug addiction, poverty, eating disorders, and love are all real, poignant parts of most people’s lives. Charlie is a complex protagonist that Lattimore uses to the story’s advantage, as we see her grow in many different ways over the course of the narrative. If you enjoy stories set in the south that focus on women and how they deal with the struggles that surround them, then you are sure to enjoy this book. Freda Lattimore’s down-to-earth writing is relatable for any teenager and creates a picture of Oklahoma that seems marvelously real.

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