Black Holes by Brian Bodman

Black Holes is a novel about Scott Dee, a punny class clown teenager whose whole life is irrevocably and astronomically changed by the unexpected death of his girlfriend, Marianne. A few days after a meaningless tiff that has them not speaking, Marianne sees Scott across the street and, without looking, makes a run for him. Scott’s attempt to stop her lands him in a coma, but Marianne is killed. While in a coma, Scott discovers that he has an out-of-body power to access the Quantum Universe. Through photon-driven thought that occurs at the speed of light, Scott begins to form a plan to manipulate time and space and save Marianne’s life. However, it soon becomes apparent that Scott is not the only one who possesses these powers and that these powers could be used for evil. Scott quickly comes to the conclusion that he needs to learn more to use his abilities to protect the past and save the future.

At times, the plot of Black Hole can be difficult to follow, with unusual concepts such as space and time travel, telekinesis, the existence of the soul, and particle physics playing important roles. The overall theme of time as malleable and changing, yet ever passing also gives Black Holes a rather cryptic feel. With no obvious chapter markers, it can be hard to tell just how much time is passing– is it the blink of an eye or two thousand years? Nevertheless, the narrative is one that readers may find appealing, if they are looking for an interesting story to get lost within.