Black Moon Rising by John Blenkush

In Black Moon Rising, the third book of the epic Solstice Series by John Blenkush, the new vampire Julissa is caught in an area of dismay when she starts drifting from the Law Of One, due to the fact that the love of her life, Aaron Delmon has gone missing. As she goes on a journey to find him, she searches high and low, all the while she is continuously influenced by the mysterious order known as the Sons and Daughters of Belial. Her quest leads her into a world unlike anything else she has ever experienced before. Julissa has to use her recently acquired vampirism to control and meld the delicate life-force energy to gain the power she needs to be reunited with Aaron once again. It isn’t long before Julissa’s mission is knocked off kilter, as she realizes the errors she has made, causing about a string of horrific consequences, that have the ability to rock her very existence to it’s delicate core.

In recent years, there have been a great deal of fantasy books that focus on vampires and the tangled love lines they so often leave amongst the people they come across. However, in Black Moon Rising, which is the third book of a planned five book series, Blenkush has created a universe that stands out from the rest, wrapping his main characters up in narratives that are full of mystery, passion, and inspiration. The writing is immersive and descriptive, his characters truly come alive on the page. This book has the ability to grab the reader and never let them go, begging to always just read one more page before putting the story down. Julissa is an interesting character, whose traits are used in the utmost extent to deliver a story that is an undeniably good read.

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