Black Poet by Cassius Ali

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 10.22.47 AMBlack Poet by Cassius Ali is a collection of over one hundred poems that explore what it means to be an African American man in today’s world. Covering topics such as love, relationships, society, religion, and even slavery, through the written word organized in verse, this is a comprehensive collection that offers the reader a lot to digest. Nearly all of the poems are rather short in length, most of them coming in at just one page, but they still pack an emotional punch that forces the reader to reevaluate their previously held beliefs when it comes to how black people are perceived in treated in our culture. Dissecting the differences between men and women, the racism that still unfortunately exists in our world today, and how perceptions of African American people has changed over time, this is a piece of work that covers nearly all of the bases on a topic such as this.

While there is a lot of ground to be covered in this collection, which Ali does very well, the organization of the poems could have been structured in a more fluid way. As it stands now, the poems are simply organized in alphabetical order by the title of each poem. Sometimes they tend to follow along in theme as well, but we believe the collection would work even better if they were sorted into sections based on theme and subject matter. This collection will not only appeal to African Americans, but also people who enjoy reading powerful, well crafted, short poems. It can be read quickly, with one poem coming after the next, or you can enjoy the ideas presented one at a time, returning to the collection again and again.

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