Blackinton Heart by Steven Yuresko


Steven Yuresko’s Blackinton Heart is a mystery that will have readers hooked right from the beginning. The story is centered around the Pompano Beach Police Department in 1989, with the narrator and main character being an Argentinean civilian crime scene technician, Paolo Giorgetti. He begins his story by introducing readers to the area of Pompano Beach, Florida, and explaining the rising crime rate which is being caused by a sudden influx of crack cocaine in the area. Not only is this story a mystery, crime-thriller, but a romance aspect comes into play as well. Early in the story, readers are briefly introduced to a mysterious young girl, who appears to be a prostitute when Paolo first sees her working in the streets. He is instantly drawn to her, and a twisted love story begins to unfold as Paolo finds himself in love and caught up in a dark relationship, as she is estranged from her drug dealer boyfriend and pimp, from whom he tries to protect her.

This story has it all, crime, action violence, love, and mystery. Yuresko’s real life knowledge of Pompano Beach from his actual experience is evident in the way he writes this story. His first hand experience working along side the Pompano Beach Police Department makes this particular story a very strong piece with a knowledgable narrator and an interesting, exciting story line. This book is action packed, yet has a dark love story, making it a good fit for a wide variety of readers with all different kinds of interests.