Blind Passion by Malena Paltero


blind passionMalena Paltero’s Blind Passion: A Supernatural Love Affair is most certainly not of the world that most people recognize as real and practical. Dr. Manuela Rowan, better known as Ella, meets Singur or Milan via an online game. She can’t actually see him nor can he see her, but they quickly fall in love with one another. Yet, both of them are in relationships. In fact, Ella is married. Even though Ella and Singur seem to engage in an astral love affair via dreams and an emotional affair via the internet they feel their love and passion is deeply powerful. They begin to share stories and experiences from their backgrounds and are surprised to discover amazing similarities and synchronicities. Yet, Ella has to make some decisions. What will she do about her marriage to John, and should she consider meeting Singur/Milan in real life? The opportunity to have a real face-to-face relationship with him seems to be snatched from them, but Paltero keeps the reader in suspense as Ella continues to sense Milan’s presence in her life.

Blind Passion: A Supernatural Love Affair focuses almost solely on Ella and Milan’s communication and supernatural experiences. Malena Paltero offers little insight into the characters of John and their twin sons. There are only snippets of John, their sons or even Jasmine, Milan’s lover, throughout the entire story. Depending on the reader, this can take a lot away from the story or it can help keep the reader focused on the sexy adventure of the emotional and spiritual rollercoaster that Ella and Milan seem to be riding. Paltero does an excellent job of keeping a reader wanting more – anxiously waiting to discover what will happen next. With such skill Paltero wraps up Blind Passion with a cliffhanger that will have readers salivating for the sequel, so that they can discover what might become of this supernatural romantic escapade.

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