Blood Fest: Cursing Fate by Pepper O’Neal

Blood Fest: Cursing Fate tells the story of Tabitha Norkus and Drake Gatos. Tabbi is a weretiger being held in a Lithuanian compound. After being abused for most of her life, she finally has the means to escape and take some of the others with her. She grabs three of the most vulnerable, steals what money she can, and runs. Her plan is to go to England in hopes that her distant cousin Chase will help them. Drake Gatos is the pride leader in England. He has strict rules, but he is fair and his people love him. When he finds Tabbi and her runaways hiding in a barn he immediately knows something is wrong. He also knows that Tabbi is hiding the truth. Not knowing if he can trust her, but also knowing he has to help her, he is drawn into a dangerous rescue mission. Through it all, there is an instant attraction between Tabbi and Drake. Terrified to admit she is drawn to him, Tabbi tries to push him away. Drake is more accepting of his feelings, but needs to know what secrets she is hiding from him.

This book was addicting read. Pepper O’Neal has crafted an amazingly real world that draws you in and does not want to let you go. The characters are real and relatable, the scenes and backdrop are perfectly portrayed, the conversations and the story flow naturally. Even the relationship between Drake and Tabbi seems real and unforced. Blood Fest is great writing. The author has managed to take a supernatural theme and make it seem perfectly normal. She also filled in all of the details- there was never a time that you didn’t understand what was going on or why something happened the way it did. O’Neal has thought everything out. I also liked the way she took a common theme and managed to make it her own. This is not your typical book about lycans or weres or vampires or humans. This is an amazing combination of them all. Whether you like paranormal romance or simply love a good book you will find everything you need here!

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