Blue Diamond by Judy-Lynn Wheeler


blueWhen Lin Ansley Fletcher’s ailing father suddenly enters her life, she finds herself standing to inherit a lucrative company and a large scale cattle ranch she knew nothing about. While struggling to adjust to this new life filled with invaded privacy, private security and detrimental secrets, Lin comes face to face with more than she could have bargained for. Upon learning the ropes of the family business, Lin faces more than a troublesome acquisition of assets when her greedy and ill-advised step-brother enters the fold, unwilling to lose what he claims is rightfully his. To complicate matters further, the deadly consequences of an auspicious decades-long feud over precious missing stones, not only puts Lin’s life in danger, but the lives of everyone she now holds dear.

Author Judy-Lynn Wheeler creates a landscape that crosses borders and seas at any given moment and welcomes the reader through every given terrain. Taking place in South Africa, Australia and the US, Lin Fletcher finds herself living a life of the unexpected. And one much more dangerous than she could have imagined. Weaving between legal jargon, familial reconnection and tepid romance, Wheeler leads the reader through the missing pieces behind the threat to Lin’s life, her father’s true intentions and subsequent dying wish, and the struggle of choosing between two men who hold dangerous secrets of their own. While instances of dialogue and plot are difficult to follow and minute details can feel bogged down, Wheeler has the reader rooting for Lin Fletcher to take control of her life and steer it toward the fulfillment she’s desperately spent her life seeking.

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