Blue Eye by Tracy Elner

Blue Eye by Tracy Elner is a riveting conspiracy thriller that combines elements of science, mystery, romance, and adventure. The narrative follows the story of London-based derivatives trader, Scott Carty, as he travels to Kazakhstan under the direction of his boss to deliver an unusual locked briefcase. Scott has been having strange dreams quite frequently, and as his mission progresses, his dreams begin to bring about a startling amount of clarity to his real life. It’s not long before he becomes entangled with the stunning Lena Isotova and discovers the truth about his boss’ secret business, which puts in motion an uncontrollable chain of events, bringing forth a life changing energy technology that could alter everything we have ever known. As Scott comes to face the truth, he is chased by assassins who aim to stop him from revealing the secrets of the mysterious technology they are trying to protect.

Part international intrigue, part science fiction saga, this story escalates quickly from page one and doesn’t stop until the very end. The first of a planned trilogy, the book causes the reader to wonder about technology, and how such seemingly unreal devices that we already have in our lives exist and function without our ability to fully understand them. The blending of different genres into this story seem at odds, with theories of physics and Dan Brown like clues and chasing elements all tied in together, but Elner has a gift for weaving them all together, in a way creating a new genre in the process that most readers haven’t experienced before. The plot is fast paced and the characters are developed well, as the scenes change from standard boardrooms to numinous Russian lands. While the book might sound like it is packed to the brim with all of the different components placed within its pages, the story is an enjoyable read that anyone will be able to tackle.

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