Blue Speaks Eternally by Victoria Wagner

four stars

51jM3OGBQvL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_A fabulous book with a powerful call to action, Blue Speaks Eternally tells the story of Kip the blue whale, whose family is preparing to make their annual migration up the Pacific coast to the calm waters of Alaska.  Kip is twenty-three years old, which means he’s quite young when you consider that most blue whales live to be eighty to ninety years old.  As a young whale, Kip is still learning about the world he lives in, both the watery domain he inhabits and the human cities not far away on land. Through conversations with other animals – including sea lions, harbor seals, beluga whales, and dolphins – as well as human fishers and environmental scientists – Kip discovers that the planet is changing dramatically around him.  Sea animal populations continue to decline, and though intergovernmental organizations have placed limits on the hunting of whales, illegal poaching still threatens the stability of whale communities around the world.

Blue Speaks Eternally is an important book for people to be reading, especially young people, since it is up to them to shape the future for the better.  Wagner definitively lays out the sad state of affairs for many fish and ocean mammals: lives ended by hunting and overfishing, mating and family rituals interrupted by military sonar and undersea detonations, increasingly polluted waters and the growing scarcity of food.  Yet despite this strikingly grim picture, Blue also shows that there is hope for a positive future in which our species is able to live in harmony with the world around us.  For any lover of ocean life, including younger readers who this book is sure to appeal to, this is a must-read.

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