Bobby Wright Was Wrong by Daniel Craig

A charming story with a fun-paced rhyming scheme, Bobby Wright Was Wrong is a children’s book written by Daniel Craig that follows Bobby Wright as he decides to run away from home. The book opens with Bobby finding his younger brother Evan trashing his room, which makes him very upset. When his parents do not side with Bobby he becomes angry and decides to run away since they don’t seem to appreciate him. Once Bobby is out of the house he realizes that he hasn’t thought this whole running away thing through very much, as it’s December and it’s very cold. He contemplates all of the different places he could go to like the school, museum, or even a tree house, and while they seem like exciting options at first, he quickly realizes why none of them would work. Bobby then comes across a homeless man who offers him some words of wisdom, and explains how important it is to have a family and a safe place to stay. Bobby comes to accept that it was a mistake to leave home and decides to return to his family to admit his wrongdoing.

This book offers the important lesson to not take your family for granted, even at the times when they may upset you. Having parents and siblings who love you is not something that all people are lucky enough to have, so if you do have it, try your best to cherish them. The pace of the book moves along quickly, with a rhyming scheme that is both playful and inventive. There are a lot of children out there who are stubborn like Bobby, so it was nice to see him admit that he was wrong at the end of the story, like the title suggests. He is happy when his family accepts him back. With illustrations added to the story, we know this book could be even better. No matter what though, the narrative shines on its own.