Book Sale by Clark E. Tanner


tannerReligion and religious texts often are at the core of heated debates, controversy and, sometimes, even murder.  Clark E. Tanner has crafted a fictional tale around an ancient religious text that could potentially cause an uprising within the Christian community.  In Book Sale, you need to sort through a slew of characters to follow the story line and wade through numerous, lackluster distractions.  However, if you do, you will discover an interesting plot that has a number of twists and turns.  Secrets abound in an effort to protect an ancient manuscript.  Tanner’s characters fight to guard it, and some will, perhaps, even kill for it.  Moving through fifty-eight chapters may make your head spin and in need of a flow-chart to keep up, but buried within is a good mystery.

It is true that Book Sale by Clark E. Tanner is a thriller that didn’t thrill us in the beginning.  In fact, it took until the seventh chapter before the storyline grabbed our attention. In an effort to set the stage and offer you, the reader, the opportunity to become immersed in the scenes, Tanner has crammed far too many concepts into sentence after sentence, paragraph after paragraph.  There are so many characters that it is pretty difficult to keep track.  This made it a bit of a struggle to continue turning page after page.  Though the writing needs to be polished further, we believe that with the help of a good editor there is an intriguing story within the pages of Tanner’s Book Sale.

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