Born Too Soon by Allison Schleef

Born Too Soon: The Emotional Journey of a Neo Mum by Allison Schleef 

bornBorn Too Soon: The Emotional Journey of a Neo Mum by Allison Schleef takes readers on ‘an intense emotional rollercoaster’ about her ‘premie’ baby, Aidan. This tear-jerker gives you the real, brutally honest truth about giving birth to a baby three months before your due date. Her helplessness in the early days and months of her child’s life is easily sympathized with. Watching your newborn receive countless injections, blood transfusions and live in an incubator is extremely difficult for any mother, especially one who has been cautious throughout her entire pregnancy. Throughout her stay at the hospital, Schleef became quite ill. From blood clots to thrush to mastitis and more, she began visiting doctors on an almost weekly basis shortly after delivering Aidan. After three months of care, at the hospital, Aidan was finally brought home. However, Schleef struggled to feel a sense of security as she no longer had the strong support system, the hospital equipment and she was constantly alone.

It’s extremely easy for the average reader, especially if you’re a mother or currently pregnant, to feel empathy for Schleef. Her straightforward and honest approach will likely leave you teary-eyed. The only downside to this book is that it rarely mentions her husband. There is a slight mention of him early on. However, I wonder how difficult the whole process was for him to be separated from his newborn and his wife while having to go to work and maintain the household alone. I would highly recommend this book for any parents currently watching their newborn fight for their life but also those expecting.

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