Borrowed Wings by Ruthie Morgan


borrowedA few months have passed since Evan Skylark committed suicide. His wife Billie and their twins Evie and Sunny have temporarily left their sweet abode on St. Cloud Island and are living with Billie’s stepfather in Scotland. Going beyond Billie, Evan’s death affects all those who have had close ties with the young couple; just as Billie attempts to pick up the pieces of her fragile life, her friends (Jack, Felix and Zoe, Jed and Sadie, Dan, and Virginia) are doing the same thing, “each of them trying to live in a tragically altered reality.” While Zoe is concerned about her recent pregnancy and Sadie battles with the idea of marriage, for examples, the greatest unresolved conflict appears to be between Billie and Jack…until Raife—Jack’s brother—comes onto the scene.

Award-winning author Ruthie Morgan spins a tension-filled story in her gripping sequel to Skylark. Alternating character scenes weave throughout Morgan’s plot. Morgan keeps Billie front and center as the principal voice—written in first person, while the remaining cast is set in third person viewpoint. Key to Morgan’s writing style is her attention to human-interest issues and the struggles that accompany her characters as they face their life journeys—particularly without the presence of Evan Skylark. While many themes focus on love in various forms, Morgan’s narrative also draws attention to motherhood—as in the case of Billie and Zoe, and old age—as in the case of Jack’s mother, Amandine. Morgan uses these themes to create tension throughout the bulk of her story. Although her plot has a dystopian feel to it, Morgan manages to lighten it with sensual love scenes and a glimmer of hope. Borrowed Wings is nothing less than a stunning read!

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