Built to be Boundless by Robert F. Schatzman


boundlessIsaac, Eli, and Lucas Wright are not your typical brothers. While they do wrestle and roughhouse; play make believe games and go on make believe adventures; and occasionally cause some usually harmless mischief and mayhem, they are each also a part of something so much bigger and cosmically grander that calling them ‘typical’ would simply be an understatement. While each brother struggles with his own inner turmoils and demons, they also struggle against a physically and emotionally abusive father and a community that often does not see where they fit in. The brothers often find themselves feeling like outsiders. When Eli is struck by a car and killed, the family is thrown onto a new course that no one could have anticipated, but that is a part of a bigger story. In Robert F. Schatzman’s second novel, Built to be Boundless, one receives insight into the vast capabilities of the individual as well as the secrets of the soul and how these pieces fit together in the universe.

Schatzman’s characters are compelling and their stories are tragic– it is difficult not to become deeply involved in their lives. However, Schatzman’s writing, while thoughtful, elegant, and honest, can also be rather self-indulgent and over the top. At 333 pages, many of which extol the beauty and mystery of the universe, Built to be Boundless is a time-consuming undertaking that may be best enjoyed on a very open weekend. If you are looking for something heart-warming and easy to read, keep this one on the shelf for another time.

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