Bullet in the Blue Sky by Bill Larkin


bulletIn the chaotic aftermath of a major earthquake in Southern California, Investigator Schmitty of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department joins a team of detectives who are ordered to locate and rescue a missing detective named Shaw. Their superiors are cryptically vague with details, but are hellbent on the successful recovery of Shaw. The mission takes them through the dizzying war zone and the more they encounter, the more they wonder why they are searching for one man in these extreme circumstances. Why is this man so important to the deputy chief, and why now? They face rioting, looting, attacks and homicides while chasing down leads before Schmitty discovers that others, with high connections, are also after Shaw. When the team uncovers Shaw’s secret, it elevates the mission to a high-stakes race against time.

Bill Larkin wastes no time getting into the action in Bullet in the Blue Sky. Within the first few chapters, you are immersed in the violent aftermath of an earthquake that rocks Los Angeles to its core. Its officers show bravery, loyalty, and determination in the face a terrified city. Larkin captures the emotions of each character with deft precision. As the reader, you can feel the fear and adrenaline as the officers move through the city attempting to complete their task. Larkin’s attention to detail brings the mutilated landscape to life. Leaping off the page and dragging you onto the bloody trail leading to the elusive Shaw. Get ready for action-packed scenes and refreshingly well-developed characters. Pair that with his compelling storyline and you have the ultimate package. A must read for any thrill seeker.

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