Bury My Heart at Jones Beach by Francis John Balducci

A toburyuching tale that will pull you in from the beginning, Bury My Heart At Jones Beach written by Francis John Balducci, is a beautiful tale. The journey that Balducci takes you on, alongside a man who suffers from amnesia, is simultaneously heartwarming and frightening. Tahmin, who comes to be known as Pale Moon, only remembers his life from waking on a park bench on Jones Beach. Only in his dreams does he recall a woman and a child who seem to have been important to him. Tahmin is soon embraced by more than one family and eventually joins Big Feather’s family and is given the name Pale Moon. Due to his heroic deeds his true identity is discovered, but there is a great deal of trauma that surrounds this discovery. Morals and one’s own values come into play for not only Pale Moon, but for those from his former life. In the end, a powerful choice is made and changes everyone’s lives forever.

Francis John Balducci shares a compelling story in a very quick and easy read within the pages of Bury My Heart At Jones Beach. It is easy to become very emotionally attached to Tahmin and his plight. As a reader, you will likely feel as though you are truly walking beside him. You can sense his angst when one group of people carelessly and selfishly make choices that will have dire consequences for others. There are deep and profound aspects of life to ponder in Balducci’s tale of Tahmin/Pale Moon. It is a story that you won’t want to put down until you discover what the outcome will be for Pale Moon and those who care so deeply about him.

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