But Still I Learned To Fly by Kimberly Belifore

…But Still I Learned To Fly by Kimberly Belifore


Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 3.51.19 PM…But Still I Learned To Fly, written and illustrated by Kimberly Belifore, is an empowering collection of poems, illustrations, personal reflections, and life advice. Belifore shares her experiences, insights, and views on life providing the reader with an intimate guide and the specific tools needed to embrace a fulfilling, peaceful, and happy life. Through a combination of heart-felt original poetry, motivational thoughts, and intriguing illustrations, …But Still I Learned To Fly is an intensely personal self-help book that follows the journey of a strong perceptive woman as she shares her reflections and knowledge.

Belifore guides readers with powerful canny poetry and intuitive wisdom. Her writing and illustrations demonstrate a deep understanding of life’s many challenges. The observations about life, love, and people explored in …But Still I Learned To Fly are deeply perceptive and accessible to readers. In addition, the book offers an astute and beneficial collection of tools that Belifore has successfully used to overcome struggles and transform her life. Due to the intimate voice and invaluable advice provided, …But Still I Learned To Fly is recommended to anyone interested in changing their frame of mind and enhancing and improving their way of life.