Button Nose the Sad Little Bear by Gina LoBiondo

four stars

Button Nose the Sad Little Bear is a children’s book written by Gina LoBiondo and illustrated by Brittany Wilder that tells the story of one girl’s love for her teddy bear that she grew up with. Once Button Nose is bought from the store by the little girl’s mother, he finds a loving home with the girl who carries him everywhere and gives him all of her attention. He enjoys the time with the girl and the family, and even though his face still holds an expression of sadness, he is actually very content. After some time passes the girl’s mother decides she is too old to still be playing with Button Nose, so she sells him at a yard sale. The new girl who buys him doesn’t play with him much, and this makes Button Nose sad. After passing hands a few more times, he ends up with a toy collector. Eventually the collector sells him, and Button Nose is shipped away in a dark box, with no idea where he is going. When the box is opened, Button Nose is elated to find that it was the little girl who has purchased him, but now she is all grown up. She was looking for him for quite some time, and is so happy to be reunited with him again.

This is a nice book that takes inspiration from a true story, as the photographs at the back of the book reveal, Button Nose is a real bear, and the author Gina had him as a little girl, only to be separated from him, and eventually reunited once again. The illustrations are well done and have a sort of retro feel to them, with the oval like shape they are all drawn in. This is a nice touch for the book, since the story is meant to take place in the distant past, as the opening lines suggest. While there could be more color included on the white spaces of the interior pages, and the cover could use some improving, overall this is a touching story that is sure to mean even more to readers since it is based on the author’s own life.

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