By Proxy by Katy Regnery

★★★★  Katy Regnery’s By Proxy is a romantic novel that takes place in a small Montana town during the holiday season. It follows the unusual love affair between the two main characters, small-town girl Jenny Lindstrom and hot-shot city boy Sam Kelley, which unfolds in a lovely and unique way, as they take part in a double proxy wedding. As these two lonely souls, who seem at first as if they are opposites, stand in place for two other supporting characters so that they can marry, they themselves quickly find they aren’t too different from each other. Their emotions take over, and it isn’t long before Jenny and Sam are falling in love.

This romantic tale is a delightful read due to the uncommon circumstances that lead to the meeting, and eventual passion, that develops between the main characters. Its strength progresses from beginning to end, as Regnery causes both Jenny and Sam to grow and improve, forcing them to let go of their fears and reservations, so that they are able to offer the best version of who they can be to the person they are falling for. The setting in Montana during Christmastime is described beautifully, and the overall surroundings really add to the story and romanticize the relationship even further. This is a quick and enjoyable read that flows nicely to the end where everything is tied up in a pleasing way. The messages offered cause the reader to reflect on their own life, as both Jenny and Sam realize that sometimes it is best to give up something you thought was important to you, in order to accept that true love is the one thing that conquers all. If you like imaginative romance that takes place in an idealistic setting with richly developed characters, then By Proxy is the book for you.

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