Caesar Saves Christmas by Les C. Newvine

four stars

christmasA Christmas story about a polar bear named Caesar and his granddaughter Snowflake who assist Santa in delivering presents to children around the world, Caesar Saves Christmas by Les C. Newvine is an endearing story about helping one another. The story starts right before the Christmas holiday, when Santa’s workshop is extremely busy preparing the last toys to be delivered to little boys and girls. A bad snowstorm is predicted, so Santa decides to leave early on Christmas Eve. Regardless, the snow makes it hard for Santa’s reindeers to see, and they end up crashing. Caesar and his granddaughter Snowflake find Santa, and since Santa and his reindeer are injured and unable to make the journey, he enlists the two polar bears to be his replacement. Two extra reindeer come forward to help the two polar bears deliver the presents, and before long they are on their way, the rest of the entertaining narrative following the adventure Caesar and Snowflake have stopping at the homes of good little boys and girls who are anxiously awaiting the delivery of their gifts.

Everyone loves a good Christmas story, especially young children, and Caesar Saves Christmas by Les C. Newvine does not disappoint. This tale is full of fun, with cuddly characters and colorful illustrations that bring the book to life. The pacing is rather quick, so children will not be bored as they read the book to themselves, or follow along with a parent before bed time. By using Santa, his reindeer, and other known Christmas traditions, Newvine puts a new twist on the holiday by bringing his own new characters into the mix. This is a good story for any time of the year, but especially during the winter season.

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