Cafeteria Covenant by Dee Emeigh

In twenty-first century America it is rare to find an individual who is unfamiliar with the basic practices and beliefs of Christianity. The golden rule, which is often a fundamental teaching in elementary schools, can be found at Matthew 7:12. Christian philosophies are so ingrained in our culture that most of us may even forget they are there. In Cafeteria Covenant, Dee Marvin Emeigh uses her life experiences to depict how this easy access, cookie-cutter ‘understanding’ of Christianity can actually dilute the true meaning of the bible and what it means to be a believer in the Christian faith. Emeigh draws great insights from the obstacles that she has encountered in her experiences with faith and finds many problems that can exist in the church, in fellow Christians, and in various interpretations of the bible. However, Emeigh does not lose her faith, she grows stronger and clearer in it. She learns that sometimes blocking out the noise, even if it comes from a widely-respected or well-intentioned place, can open us up to what God is actually saying. Emeigh speaks against Christians who simply bob along in the flow instead of letting the water stream through them.

For anyone who has ever questioned their own faith or felt estranged in a place that they thought should have been their spiritual home, Cafeteria Covenant is a must read. For those who are new to the faith or even unbelievers, Emeigh’s book is a good place to go so as not to be bogged down in jargon and feelings of blame or worthlessness. Cafeteria Covenant is thought provoking and will leave the reader feeling renewed in their understanding of faith and what it means to carry out God’s will.

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