Call the Note by Glenn Rice

A worst case scenario, somewhat post-apocalyptic, political suspense thriller, Call The Note by Glenn Rice is the kind of book that fits into a genre all its own. Debuting the enigmatic action hero, Cleat Masin, this novel tells the story of an America that is out of luck, downtrodden, and worse for wear. The United States is bankrupt, its citizens are starving, and anarchy is sweeping across the nation as millions of illegal immigrants cross the border with ease. The greatest country on earth is floundering, falling about as the dismay and destruction continues, all the while, Masin, a HITS agent, and Special Forces Sergeant Major, must do all he can to destroy a menacing satellite that threatens to make matters far worse for everyone than they already are.

 Along with the action, this narrative also pulls in some romance, mystery, and history, thereby creating a unique tale that is bound to pull readers in. Rice has succeeded in creating a tale that takes advantages of many of American’s worst fears: the idea that it won’t be long before the United States begins to decline, eventually falling apart, becoming an entity that is unrecognizable. There is a sense of urgency and chaos to this story, and it is captured well within the words Rice has written. At all times the plot paces forward at a constant pace, as Masin strives forward, trying to find a sense of order amongst all of the madness. There is a great deal that is tackled within the book, and at times it is almost overkill, but the fact that this book makes the reader contemplate what America will be like in the future, and not even necessarily in the distance future, is what makes this book stand out from all of the other titles that are out there today.

Call The Note will be released in October 2014.