Call to War by Andi O’Connor

four stars

510nrS2DrWL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_In the third book in The Dragonath Chronicles, Andi O’Connor continues Darrak’s epic journey to save Planet Earth and his new home in Drogonath after a debilitating military defeat full of death and betrayal. Torn between his loyalty to his people on Earth and his companions in Dragonath, Darrak’s loyalties are tested in ways he could never imagine. As the Hellborn and his army grow stronger and more lives are lost in the quest for justice, friendships are tests, romances blossom, and old enemies become loyal fighters. Can their magic withstand the power of the Hellborn? Will the soldiers live to see a victory for the people of Dragonath while not sacrificing those on Earth?

Andi O’Connor has built a believable world full of magic and distant planets in an epic struggle between good and evil. Her writing is descriptive and expertly reveals the complexities of her world while providing the reader with enjoyable prose. Darrak as the main hero wavers with important decisions that are then acted upon by more minor characters, often making his long internal battles unnecessary. The action also at times moves too quickly so that the motives behind a character’s loyalties, or switch in loyalties, can be hard to follow. With so many characters and relationships, more insight would allow clarity. The battles are deadly and bloody but enhance the desperation of Darrak and company to defeat the Hellborn once and for all. There are, however, graphic descriptions of rape that seem unnecessary to the larger plot. In the end, O’Connor has neatly tied up some loose strings while leaving the reader hopeful for Dragonath’s future and anxious for the next installment.

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