Can Come True by Darin TaDream

…Can Come True by Darin TaDream


trueBy day, Red is a regular guy driving a fixer upper car and occasionally working at the lawn mower repair store up the street. By night, Red is Darin TaDream the overwhelmingly successful romance novel writer who is giving Nicholas Sparks a run for his money. Even though Red and Darin are two vastly different people, they coexist in a way that allows Red to remain true to himself, while also allowing Darin the ability to groom and maintain a budding empire. But what are money, fame, and success really worth if there is no one to share them with? Red’s last relationship ended in tragedy and heartache when fate took Jenny from him much too early. But Red’s heart is neither closed nor cold and he formulates a plan for his next best-seller that focuses on Cindy, the high school sweetheart that he loved and lost. The more Red writes, the more he realizes that his love for Cindy remains true and that maybe, with some of Darin’s charm and money, the words of his book could play out in real life. Darin TaDream’s …Can Come True is a story about possibility, hope, and, of course, love. If you have ever daydreamed about what the love of your life would do for you if they had a big bank account and the heart of a romance novel writer, then this is the book for you!

…Can Come True is a quick and easy read that combines every element of a romance novel into one place, sometimes to the point of great disbelief. It is a modern-day fairytale set on the stage of the real world but playing out with no caps on the budget. This fun romp of a novel encourages a little more romance and mystery and a lot less hate and loneliness. If everyone had a Darin TaDream, the world would be a better place. That being said, …Can Come True is a minefield of spelling and grammatical errors which can, at times, detract from the enjoyment of the novel. A careful and thorough edit could easily take this novel from a three to a four.

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