Can You and Mommy…? by Cara Maloney

Can You and Mommy…? 

written by Cara Maloney and illustrated by Meghan Maloney

Can You and Mommy…? written by Cara Maloney and illustrated by Meghan Maloney is a young children’s book that explores twenty-six fun activities that a mother and her child can perform together. The activities start with a task beginning with the letter A, then the letter B, followed by C, and so on and so forth, going through the alphabet so that the mother and child can do things like applaud, bounce, and count. The illustrations help accentuate the text, as animals whose names start with the same letter as the task at hand are shown performing the activity that the book is asking about. There are dogs dancing, elephants exercising, and frogs feeling.

The best kinds of children’s books are the ones that are interactive, and this book certainly is. While reading, it is sure to be a special bonding time for mother and child. Kids are sure to get a kick out of all of the different activities the book asks them to perform, just as they are bound to enjoy the colorful illustrations of the animals who are doing the same tasks that the book asks of them. There does seem to be a great deal of alphabet books out there on the market for children, so it’s hard to make any book in this specific genre stick out, but Maloney and Maloney have created a cute book that is sure to the delight young readers who are lucky enough to find it.