Catawampus by Stuart Burkhalter

First they had to graduate from college, find jobs, and get settled into the real world. Next, they had to wait until after Stuart finished law school and took the bar exam. Then – and only then – they’d be ready…or would they? For years, Stuart and Julie Burkhalter postponed starting a family until the timing was right, but when the time was finally right, something else went wrong – no matter how hard the couple tried, they simply could not get pregnant. From the bedroom, to the pharmacy, to the doctor’s office, and beyond, they pursued every possible option that they could think of…and, when those things didn’t work out, they decided to pursue more. Catawampus by Stuart Burkhalter chronicles the couple’s journey along the “fertility trail” and recounts all the roadblocks, detours, and turning points they encountered along the way. Sometimes harrowing, sometimes humorous, and always heartfelt and sincere, it thoroughly explores the landmarks on the fertility trail, including drug therapy, surgery, implants, and homeopathic remedies, and does so from the frequently unheard of voice in this ordeal – the voice of the male.

Catawampus is a must-read for anyone looking to better understand the fertility process from both a procedural and personal standpoint. As much a memoir as it is a reference source, it describes what Stuart and Julie experienced physically, emotionally, and financially, providing potential parents with a reliable roadmap of what they can expect should they, like the Burkhalters, choose to trek along this trying trail. But Catawampus isn’t just for couples who are trying to conceive – it’s also for the friends and family members who want to support them on their journey, as well as for healthcare professionals who want to fully appreciate and address their patients’ needs beyond what’s listed on any medical record or chart. Too often we forget that there’s a man beside the woman on the doctor’s table, and Catawampus reminds us that, indeed, there is – and, he isn’t just along for the ride. This is his journey, too.

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