CaterSavvy by Jerri Lee George

When planning a big event, regardless of the occasion, it’s almost always necessary to bring in food for the guests, and if the event is going to be catered, then perhaps it’d be best if you first read ‘CaterSavvy’ by Jerri Lee George, before you make any final decisions. This book, which is not only an informative how-to, but also a great reference guide discloses important facts, professional advice, tips, anecdotes and the dos and don’ts of the catering world. It also contains information on how to find and hire the best kind of caterer for your specific gathering, while offering theme ideas and delicious recipes from all over the United States and Canada. The book is organized into sections that are designated by meal courses, discussing everything from the history of catering, to marketing your event, to creating the menu, and giving tips for the bride to be. This book isn’t just for food professionals; rather it is an easy to read guide that is packed with accessible information to the catering world that is organized in a playful and original way.

As a veteran of the food and catering industry for over thirty years, it is very clear that George has a vast amount of knowledge about the best ways to prepare food in an entertainment setting. This book succeeds because although it is full to the brim with information about catering, it never seems overwhelming to the reader, due to the highly organized style that the information is placed in. The special sections devoted specifically to certain kinds of individuals and how they can best succeed in catering was a nice touch to include, as were the secrets of the trade section at the end that contained submissions from various food loving contributors. Without a doubt, if you’re planning to have an event catered soon, it’d be wise to pick up a copy of CaterSavvy, and consult with a professional, whose wise words are written for you, directly on the page.

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