Catharsis by D. Andrew Campbell

Catharsis by D. Andrew Campbell tells the story of a teenage girl named Catarina whose life changes forever one night when, after getting into an argument with her family and storming out on them, she wakes up in an alley, not remembering how she got there, to find herself covered in blood and a dead body lying next to her. Running away from the scene out of disbelief and fear, Cat’s body starts to go through unbelievable transformations, as her speed, strength, and senses all develop to unusual levels, resembling superhuman abilities. She can hear things across far distances, see everything in the dark of night, and punch through solid objects without any difficulty. Soon though, her newfound powers start to have their drawbacks, as she realizes they are beginning to impede her everyday life. The worst problem of all however, is that she has acquired a newly insatiable appetite for human flesh. As Cat struggles to keep her new abilities under control, she searches to find a balance between accepting evil urges, and finding the good in her newly discovered gifts.

Although this novel has dark themes, it is written in a way that causes the reader to root for Cat, as she navigates through the story, each short chapter ending upon a cliffhanger, begging the person reading to continue on until the answers of the narrative are discovered. The action in the tale is palpable, but Campbell also focuses a great deal on Cat herself, and her fight to come to terms with morality while simultaneously trying to deal with her newfound powers. This is a superb supernatural story that crosses genres and builds up a mystifying tale that will be hard for anyone to put down.

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