Code Name Papa by John Murray

Code Name: Papa by John Murray


papaDanger, friendship, love, and secrecy are some of the foundations of Code Name: Papa. After many injuries and many experiences together as soldiers in Vietnam, Bill, Jake, and our unnamed narrator find themselves working together again, this time in a very unlikely situation. Called together to Jake’s father’s residence in Connecticut, they find themselves facing a very unusual proposition: to undergo training and become international ‘peacekeepers’. They would have cover jobs, but they would be sworn to secrecy about the actual nature of their jobs– protecting the United States, and its reputation, through any means necessary. The nature of their work would be exhilarating, past-face, and, of course, highly dangerous, so, naturally, they were on a two and a half month training trip shortly thereafter. However, after not too long Jake’s father becomes ill and can no longer be the head of the organization. He names the narrator the new operating director and from that point forward his code name is Papa.

Code Name: Papa by John Murray is a memoir, an important way to address the memories of the things that he has done and seen. While sometimes the writing falls a little flat or seems a little rushed, Murray’s heart is in the novel and the reader comes to know and appreciate the people that Murray has known and loved. Code Name: Papa is a glimpse into a life lived unlike almost all others.

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