Coffee Table DeLights by Eli Soul


Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 10.49.00 AMCoffee Table DeLights is the first volume of three books that includes over sixty Christian-based rap poems. A reflection of his personal walk with God, Soul’s poetry covers a multitude of themes mainly but not exclusively dealing with the human struggle to live a life of wholeness and righteousness. Soul bears his soul “to reach those who are lost, and to touch Christians that are in need of encouragement.”

Writing in both first and third person narratives, first time author and poet Eli Soul candidly shares the trials and triumphs of his Christian journey. Short and succinct, Soul’s poetry is a lilting mixture of couplets, iambic pentameter, lyric, and free verse. His poems appear to be a random collection of inspirational themes focused on him until he suddenly offers reminders that the Christian life is meant to be a communal experience. Good examples are found in “The Most Mysterious of All Keys” and “The Narrow and Righteous Road.” The majority of his writing is laced with themes on struggle, reaching out to the lost, and fellowship with God, which is intended for both men and women. Themes of struggle include “Flesh Wars” and “Crying Out”; reaching out to the lost – “Seeking Missing Persons” and “Where Are You?”; and fellowship with God – “Broken Loneliness” and “Breaking Bread,” to name a few examples. Yet some are specifically earmarked to uplift downtrodden women as well as a couple love poems to his wife. While Soul’s messages are enlightening and motivating, Christian LGBTs may find poems, such as “Don’t Just Point Out the Homosexual Acts” and “Many Flashes of Nonsense,” offensive since Soul adds homosexuals to the list of transgressors. Although appealing to readers of a conservative mindset, Coffee Table DeLights sends stirring and insightful messages that reach an extensive believer and non-believer audience.

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