Cold Call by Michael Donovan

four stars

In the newest installment, London PI Eddie Flynn is drawn into the hunt for a killer copying a serial killer. The same serial killer he investigated seven years ago when working as a police detective. That killer was almost caught before Flynn lost him ensuring the loss of his job and reputation. A detective too close to work the case seeks out Flynn for his expertise and case experience. Together they embark on a dangerous investigation of their own. Flynn has a hunch that the copycat signature is an attempt to disguise the true motive for the most recent crime. Through a series of twists and turns, the sordid details come to light and begin to form the big picture. His hunch proves to be correct, but the new killer doesn’t appreciate the unofficial investigation and turns his focus on Flynn. Will Flynn be able to catch the killer before it’s too late? Or will this be the last case for London PI Eddie Flynn?

Michael Donovan has a created a masterful series with a compelling Cold Call is an intricate case study of how the human psyche is affected when faced with the most heinous crimes. PI Eddie Flynn finds himself pitted against a ruthless killer, who is happy to provide collateral damage just to make a point. Michael Donovan expertly weaves a tale of mystery and suspense. Each chapter leaves you wanting to read the next. Waiting to see what will happen to the characters we have come to love (and hate) is not an option. If you haven’t been introduced to Eddie Flynn yet, be prepared. Author Michael Donovan will keep you on the edge of your seat till the end.