Color Me Green by M.C. Wade

Color Me Green by M.C. Wade is the story of one man’s journey through the United States Marine Corps during the time leading up to the Vietnam War. Ryan Webb of sunny San Diego joins the Marine Corps directly after his graduation from high school. While the rest of his friends are out partying, meeting girls, and generally wasting time before moving on with their lives, Webb is jumping straight into his basic training. His almost constant drilling mixed with a newfound respect (or fear) of authority challenges Webb to become more than he has been. The more time that Webb spends in the Marine Corps, the more he changes and develops himself. He makes new friends, he makes new enemies, he gets embarrassingly drunk, he travels across the world, he falls in love, he earns respect for his superiors, he hates his superiors, he gets drunk, he gets really drunk, he has fun, and he feels alive. Although there are times that Webb finds himself desperately wondering what he is doing in the Marine Corps, the stories that make up Webb’s experiences make it clear that it is where he has always belonged.

 Color Me Green reads like a collection of short stories. Each story is a step on Ryan Webb’s journey from being a boy who doesn’t know who he is to becoming a man of the United States Marine Corps. While much of Wade’s novel is fast-paced, engaging, and hilarious, it also matches the pace of life, and life simply isn’t always fast-paced and engaging. At over four hundred pages, Color Me Green is a commitment to read and may, at times, prompt the age old marine question to pop to mind, “What the fuck did I do now?”