Colors of Delight by Nandita Das


colorsColors of Delight is the debut book of poetry by Nandita Das. It is filled with a variety of poems, some humorous, others containing bright, beautiful imagery, and others still eliciting the reader to ponder about philosophical notions of what it means to be alive. The author weaves together her prose in a stylized manner that brings a sense of harmony to each page. The poems are strung together to create a colorful and ever-alternating experience for the reader, as she aims to ‘paint our world with colors of delight.’ Topics such as Newton’s Law and why gravity exists are explored, as are the changing of the seasons, as spring emerges from winter, the heavens and fate are scrutinized in the simplest of humanistic terms, and the act of writing itself is challenged through the poetic verse, as the author deliberates on whether or not her work will come across as good enough.

At right around sixty pages, with each poem only about one page long, this is a very easy collection for anyone to read at any time. It could very well be read in one sitting, as each piece flows from one to the next. The way that Das consistently changes her subject matter keeps the book interesting, but her poetic voice remains constant, allowing the reader to become comfortable with her style of poetry. While the author does sometimes inflect worry into her work, hoping that everything will turn out alright, for the most part this is an upbeat and positive collection, as Das reflects on the wonders of life that surround us in richly warm hues every day. This poetic work truly is a delightful collection of colors.

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