Common Sense for the Modern Man by Jerry Bishop


modernA non-fiction account detailing the author’s advice and anecdotes relating to common sense, Common Sense for the Modern Man by Jerry Bishop explains how to best live one’s life by following simple practices that seem to be lost on many people. The author summarizes the book by stating that all of his advice follows the simple rule of: don’t do it unless you want someone else doing it to you. The book is then broken down into sections that covers topics from transportation, shopping, phones, restaurants, family relationships, music, and more. Bishop explains things such as pedestrians having the right of way, wearing your seatbelt, walking in groups, using coupons, talking on the phone, how to act on a date, and even ensuring your children behave. The last section covers miscellaneous topics like getting enough rest, eating breakfast, and how to properly use the toilet.

This book has a rather humorous tone to all of the advice that Bishop has put together. It makes sense, as it’s clear he feels frustrated by how many people seem to lack knowledge on common sense issues. Especially in today’s modern world, it does feel like people are so distracted by technology, jobs, and other issues that they forget how to perform every day tasks in the correct and courteous way. The book itself is relatively short, but it stays entertaining as each sub-section of the various topics only last for a paragraph or two. One drawback of the narrative is that the advice is all pulled from just the author, and he doesn’t really explain in much detail why he felt so compelled to write this book. With more voices, insight, and even factual information as to why using common sense is so important, this entertaining tome could be even more impactful.

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